Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Day 2.35 Never Boring

As you may have heard, I am in binge mode watching the incredible TV series 24. We talked yesterday about distraction. This is that. With the caveat that it is also edutainmental (I made that one up) in as much as it what I do. Not that I am a Federal Agent heading up the local CTU outpost boldly keeping the US citizenry safe and secure from terror, chaos and mayhem, but that I am practicing every day the many levels of film making. Crating a dynamic, learning from the masters, seeing, watching, studying, analyzing.

Every scene.

I am through the first two seasons, having just last night studied the dramatic conclusion of Season Two. The President is down and Jack has suffered a heart attack. OMG.

Season Three should be here today. I found a complete used box set for five bucks (thank you

Today I am incorporating some of the editing and pacing techniques discussed in the additional features segment. The creator, producer and director were gathered in a conference room talking about the series, what goes in and what is left out. They told us why beautiful scenes filled with acting aplomb and laced with tension were deleted (pacing). They showed us all the work and practice that went into the final fight scene between Jack and a seriously evil goon. In the LA Coliseum no less.

It was as fascinating as the show itself, which is freaking brilliant from the crisp writing (where everything starts) to the post-production foley and mastering.

I sit at my editing station this morning in total awe of the level of artistry these guys have brought to the show. The techs are every bit as badass as Jack Bauer.

But one thing said as an aside has stuck with my subconscious since last night.

I think it was the producer/creator that said it about the series vision. He said:

Not good but never boring.

That is a roger 24.

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