Thursday, January 8, 2015

Day 1.8 Whole Earth

Can't help myself. I am moving boxes of photographs, relics of the past, hungrily dipping into each with similar gusto that fills a chip with guacamole. The few books I have retained (because nobody wanted them at the yard sale) hold a truer fascination as they are filled with page markers, some representing trophies of loves lost, others mementos from trivial and forgotten events. They are loaded very personal stuff, some cringe-worthy, some sigh-inducing. It is all (still) here.

I try my best, as I have for many years, to find the proper place to house one of my favorites, The Next Whole Earth Catalog, circa 1980. I love this work, its access to tools, its complexity and its detail. It is the quintessential big, fat book.

As you might expect I fan the yellowing pages. Out pops a ticket stub from the 1985 World Series. Then Mom's lasagna recipe, handwritten by the chef herself. Lastly is a postcard returned to me with a FPO address, the Department of Defense as proxy for Dear John. I think about the symbolism. I remember writing it to Julie wanting to prove to her that I was listening when she spoke of the joy of travel. There remains what appear to be tear drops stained on the card. I shake back to present day, pleased with the treasure.

Rejuvenated, I return to fanning pages, randomly landing on the Community section. I scan down the oversized pages until I spot this:-

By being the kind of person that other people want to be around. Competent, helpful, flexible, curious, generous and experienced in dealing with the world. If you have friends that make an effort to be an interesting person, money is irrelevant. You can have a great deal of freedom and respect during your life and security in your old age. However if you are a loner, rather selfish, with narrow interests in life, then making a lot of money may be your way to make it through.

From the Seven Laws of Money, by Michael Phillips

Solemnly I close the tome but leave it on the table. I have done this many times. I will return tomorrow, or later tonight and do another random fan.

To check in with the cosmic energy and collective wisdom of those that have gone before.

I think I owe them at least that.

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