Thursday, January 22, 2015

Day 1.22 Heaven and Hell

A Samurai warrior comes to a Zen master to ask a question.

Master I would like to know if Heaven and Hell really exist.

Laughing and mocking him, the Master (in present day jargon) says don't be ridiculous, you are fat, lazy, uneducated and uncouth. Therefore no teacher in the world would answer this important question for such an unprepared person, Samurai or civilian.

The Samurai was incensed and as the Mater walked away he drew his sword intent on decapitating the ignorant monk.

Just as his sword was about to cut the Master he suddenly turned and said to the warrior, 'That, sir, is hell'.

The Samurai stopped cold and realizing he had created his own hell through pride and anger, and seeing the profundity of the Masters words, fell at his feet in humble reverence.

The Master looked down upon him, lifted the Samurai's head gently and quietly said, 'And that, sir, is Heaven.'

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