Sunday, January 4, 2015

1.4.15 Doppelhanger

Did you happen to take a look back in retrospect?

I did yesterday and was mildly amused.

With what, exactly?

I suppose it could be stated as the statistical equivalent of tossing out the high and the low to better estimate the mean.

So the real good stuff gets tossed into the trash along with the literal garbage?


Leaving what?

Some very mediocre reports, a few nicely constructed sentences and quite a few absolute butcherings of the language.

That's the median?

Sorry to say, yes. Average at best.

That is a comparatively harsh assessment.

As compared to water boarding and Ebola, perhaps, but not in the world of journaling, blogging and contemporary pop literature.

Well, yeah, but that is a rather provocative and professional pedestal, don't you think?

I do and please quit trying to squeeze an alliterative into every post.

OK, sorry. What is the next step, then? Should we just pull anchor and set sail?

No, I don't think so. A solid foundation has been built. There has been sincere effort and the expenditure of time. We sense blood, sweat and a few tears. It is honest and sensitive, all good.

What then?

Keep at it. Try to improve every day. Do more of the things that work and less of those that don't.

Is the doppelganger dues ex machina tactic one of the things that work?

Why are you asking me brother? How this ends is your call.

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