Monday, January 26, 2015

Day 1.26 and the 11%

What do I have to say?

What is the value of what I say?

Does it make any difference?

Most of the time, a solid 90%, I feel the correct answers are nothing, not much and no.

Ahhh, but that 10%. THAT is worth all the preparation, all the practice, every bit of doubt and the entire fear-filled enchilada.

I think it is a fair ratio. After all, imagine what it would be like to have nirvana all the time. To feel like a million bucks every day. To experience love in a perfect 50/50 harmony of giving and getting. We need contrast.

As nice as this sounds, it isn't the way it is. Life is hard. It is struggle. It is painful. Worse yet, that is our very nature. We suffer, we age-up, we are prone to disease and decay. We are surrounded by violence, apathy, poverty, gross class divisions and political wars of power and pride.

How the heck do we stay centered, balanced, happy and loving in the midst of all this global strife?

I think (answering the opening questions) that one's experience, and in this case mine, is the very answer, assuming one is willing to share them. They might not be the most eloquent, the most poetic or the most colorful, but it they contribute something for consideration, another side of the same story (life on earth) or one's solution to the challenges of today, then…

…they have meaning and value. Maybe not to you. That is the chance every writer (blogger) assumes. The rule is KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE. In this case the audience is me. I write to record the passage of my time here. What I have seen, heard, experienced. What I do. 90% of the time it is boring as hell, but I am never bored. I have a goal and this is a part of that bigger picture. Simply one day of many.

Does it make any difference?

Probably not.

But to me it is worth the effort. Today especially.

As I stumble my reckless way towards 11%.

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