Friday, January 30, 2015

Day 1.30 Baby Steps

Pleased, relieved, anxious, elated, anticipatory.

Just a few additives that describe yesterday's first run since the pacer install back on October 11 of last year. It was my longest stretch on running inactivity since Ronald Reagan was in office. How's that for an extreme comparison?

Under more stable circumstances I would have simply headed across the street and onto my favorite park trail, a FLAT 1.5 mile loop, but as I no longer own property there, and have begrudgingly avoided its proximity in a rather silly display of retribution, I headed out the door from the new digs.

Instant hills. Right out of the gate. Hummmm my legs immediately complained, I kinda remember this sensation of hurt, the wild heart rate spike and the connecting ligament stress. My form was atrocious, wind labored, glutes weak. But my will was strong. Maybe not Ironman strong, but these things take time.

And I made it. One step at a time, two miles out and back. Fifteen minutes long.

Baby steps.

I have five months to ramp that into a 13.1 distance for the finish of the Pacific Crest Triathlon in Bend, OR on June 27.

On Wednesday that seemed like a million miles and and precious few days to traverse.

Today I see it as a natural progression of what we started with those first few baby steps. We're back!

And definitely in the right direction, pleased, relieved, anxious and with tremendous anticipation.

For the next set of baby steps.

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