Sunday, January 25, 2015

Day 1.25 Teamwork

We worked hard today. I was most fortunate to have spent over two hours riding indoors, going nowhere not particularly fast, with my teammates. It was practice on many levels and I appreciated every one.

The physical. This is kind of a DUH, but represents one level none-the-less. Do something for over two hours, non-stop and watch how it taxes your system. Your heart, lungs, muscles, vascularity, ability to convert sugars and carbohydrates to energy. And my favorite (I keep saying trying to fully convince myself) the mental acuity to hold all that together in an efficient dance of grace under fire. Heck, Shiva might as well be our captain.

The mental. Mentioned above. One has to steady oneself to the long term, as the term passes one moment at a time. When the going gets rough, the term is sends.

The spiritual. We have said it before and I think it warrants another visit (in the form of a reminder) that one discovers one's soul when we powerfully combine the body and the brain. In our practice we assign indoor cycling as proxy. On the blackboard (this is old school) see: Mind + Body = Spirit.

The communal. We do this as a team because we don't have the discipline, dedication or desire to do it alone. There is high octane value in this. I will not give up because that degrades us all. I will not let the team down. I will suffer and be willing to endure almost anything (waterboarding and fingernail removal are exceptions) to put the team ahead of myself. Your ego is not your amigo (unless required at the finish line.)

The personal. As a result of this incredible team effort, I sit now and type a report trying to make sense of it. My soul is aglow even as my poor body gamely tries to recover. I am stronger as a result. I feel wonderful. There has been challenge met and accomplishment. I am joyously fatigued. I really want an IPA but there is much left to do.

We worked hard today. I am so proud of my team.

Yet we have just begun.

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