Thursday, January 29, 2015

Day 1.29 Ahoy

If you spent half as much time working as you do workout out, your deplorable financial state might work out better.

But then I wouldn't be following my bliss, and I thought that was the goal.

Well it is, kinda.

Kinda? It either is or it isn't, which is it?

We're talking about several levels of dynamics. You wanna be secure or do you wanna be captain of your own sloop sailing without a compass towards Nirvana Island? They say that if you follow your bliss the money will follow.

And my ship will come in?

The ship carries the gold.

And as I sit waiting at the dock, what should I be doing?

Whatever fills your sails.

Like working out?

Well, yeah OK.

The ship is overdue, maybe lost, maybe sunk, maybe now under the command of Somali pirates.

Or maybe it'll be here tomorrow.

Think I'll go for a ride. I'm not waiting around.

You could get a job.

Ahoy there.

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