Friday, January 16, 2015

Day 1.16 She

You're going at it again?


Never a break?

Sure, rest one - use the others.

Explain, por favor.

We juggle the three in consistent rotation, mind, body, spirit. There are sub-categories to each, so a rotation keeps you fresh, strong and awake.

Going to need an example, if you would.

I will:

Spirit>Meditation>Singing>Dancing>Drum Circles>Prayer>Beach Walks>Communing with Nature>Love

Nice. But don't we do those naturally, as good habits and community service?

With practice, yes, but that takes time, and time literally means an opportunity to recover and grow, 360 degrees of balance, especially the body component.

So what have we today?

We have reading, writing and music appreciation. We have rowing, elliptical and core routine. And we have gratitude for this opportunity to share. We have that majestic bald eagle circling overhead at this very moment smiling down upon us, joining the dialogue.

She doesn't say much though.

She doesn't have to.

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