Saturday, January 10, 2015

Day 1.10 Fly

I am sitting at my makeshift desk trying to get cozy with the new configuration. Used to be that I knew where everything necessary for creativity was hiding (in wait for discovery), but now, I use just the basics, with no WIFI, on a single tiered painted plank.

Which is fine. I will shortly begin the customization in order to cut the chance of using chaos as an excuse. After all there is production and there is - no production. And with the latter comes problems. Here anyway.

I have resorted to the interim practice of writing on the laptop and then scurrying down the road in search of a decent, free, signal for the upload. I will tell you this: That formula cuts a LOT of unnecessary surfing time. As Annie used to say, you go in, get dirty and get out. THAT is production. Annie was good at it.

She was also talented and fearless. A former front girl for one of Seattle's most dynamic R&B outfits of the 80s, she turned her focus from vocals to video with gusto and bravado. Her studio was her basement and she had all the tools necessary, for any project, immediately at her command.

Which brings us full circle (as we like it). I am sitting at my makeshift desk with a cheap boom box softly sending moldy oldies in my direction. I think I can make one more week with it as I tire easily of Fleetwood Mac, Billy Joel and any tune that has the gall to even mention pina coladas. In the station's benefit there are fewer commercials than NPR, so I leave it on as background noise until I can no longer stand the schmaltz and run to spin the volume dial counterclockwise to full-off (thinking God I hate that song.)

I am sitting at my desk and thumb through the WHC (as mentioned the other day) in search of some non-audio inspiration because today the Bee-Gees simply are not cutting it.

And I find this:

Do you like life?

(Assuming you answered to the affirmative), then doesn't it make sense to do the things that might ensure you get more?

Production mode ensues. Fly.

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