Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Day 1.6.15 May You

Wasn't that long ago, a mere six days.

Seems like an eternity.

No doubt.

What did we miss?

A lot.

Where should we start in retrospect?

How about in those pesky resolutions?

Please, no.

Come on, face the mirror and grin.

OK, the one I like the most is probably the one most difficult to enact.

The one about losing weight and eating better?


What then pray tell.

It went, it goes, something like a toast, with a bunch of 'may yous'.

May you live long and prosper?

Kinda. Here goes, as I recall:

May you receive what you are looking for.
May you come to a place of peace within yourself.
May you find the tools necessary.
May you create meaning and grace on your journey.

Cheers mate. That is worth a review every six days. Nice.

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