Saturday, January 24, 2015

Day 1.24 Everything

Everything all the time.

One of my favorite lyrics. From Life in the Fast Lane by the Eagles.

Everything; Focus, power, skill, grace, speed, élan, joy. And the your ability to bind them together with the power of presence. Your acumen and degree of mental toughness. THAT is everything.

All the time: Maybe just when you feel lit it? Maybe when you have satisfied the prerequisites of training; rest, proper nutrition and adequate situational rehearsal? When you have the time? When you get that new (pick as many as apply) bike, kit, training plan, race entry, girlfriend. Or ALL the time?

Anything less sounds off-key and out of tune.

Somethings some of the time.

Total disrespect for eternity. No honor here. No effort = No deep inner satisfaction.

The interesting thing is that well over 90% of the general population doesn't get this. And I realize that there are priorities that supersede training and racing. Good health and fitness, even.

But YOU are not in that percentile. Are you?

YOU are in the top ten percent.

And you know what it is going to take to both stay there and move into the top five.


Everything all the time.

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