Sunday, January 18, 2015

Day 1.18 as an example

Each could go in multiple directions.

For the sake of exercise, practice and creative application, let's go through the drill. It is Sunday at 0600.

Yesterday we talked about four media forms of communication, the book, the film, the book on tape and music. Of course there are others, but those are the Fab Four. Here is an illustration of the possibilities inherent in each (done ten times faster than right now).

The book:

Sunday dawned in blustery blue, winds pushing gray clouds and icy waters from the South.

The film:

Inside. Dawn.
August wakes from a troubled sleep to the crashing sound of falling trees. He is shocked into the day with the realization that this is going to make an already tense situation borderline impossible.

The Book on Tape:

'Dear Lord', he gasped, fumbling for his glasses and flashlight, 'Goddam tree just fell on the roof', then with a pause second-guessing his initial reaction, 'Or was that a dream?'

The Song:

Winter winds across the sky
why ooh why ooh?
I need your love to calm this storm
to see us through this troubled morn.

I am shooting time-lapse video of all this from my patio.

Let you know how it renders.

Seize whatever the day brings (he said aloud heading towards the door).

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