Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Day 9.183 I Don't Drink Coke

Again today I find news that is both shocking and appalling. It seems to be a trend.

The first is the amount of sugar in a 12 oz bottle of coke. NO WONDER THEY CALL IT THAT! 65 grams of sugar is a serious jolt to one's metabolism. Bad stuff happens when this tuna boatload of simple carbohydrate hits the bloodstream. People get addicted to the buzz. Then they will sacrifice almost anything to keep the buzz going, including their health. I suppose I should give them a break because they, as I, are human and prone to irrational behavior. People do similar things with cigarettes, single malt scotch and quarter pounders with cheese.

But I will not extend any breaks today. This is important. I cannot make you listen (that story will come next) but I will try. And continue to try until there are no more breaths, heart beats or brain waves left.

So hear this: Stop. Don't cut back, go diet, or switch brands. Quit this devastating behavior altogether immediately.

This morning, in a failed attempt to illustrate one group's commitment to excellence and their methods of doing so, I used a metaphor that sailed over the heads of the class faster than a F-16. Yes, once again I used Navy SEALS as role models, something that probably isn't fair, but something I find useful. Because it is my job to eek more from people that aren't used to being asked for it. Yes I was asking for highly successful professionals to work harder, focus longer and give more, a request that they are used to giving, not getting. One guy took exception.

And that is fine. What we do isn't for everyone just as every sailor isn't cut out to be a SEAL. Very, VERY few are. But that is our standard. That is what we aspire towards and that is our motivation. To do the work that most won't. To find our potential. To get better.

I may be wrong. There could exist a mode of motivation with which I am not familiar and yields similar results with less caustic and corybantic challenge . This is my way because I find it significantly more beneficial to kick in the pants than to pat on the back. Kids get the pat and you are an adult.

Further, if that isn't your cup of tea, I have no problem. Everybody responds differently. Not everyone likes football. That is why we have ballet. Not everyone likes rock 'n roll, that is why God gave us Mozart. Not everybody likes Jack Bauer and that is why we have Harry Potter. Dig?

Wrapping up this paradox of complexities, I will finish with this: It is all subject to change. Sure I could morph to a softer, gentler, less ferocious and obnoxious SOB. But I think if I did I would be sacrificing the one thing that creates separation from the norm and unique value.

I don't drink coke.

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