Monday, September 7, 2015

Day 9.160 Pond Scum

So bad that calling it stagnant would be an insult to pond water.

Again, the odd and eerie ways in which apparent unrelated events imitate training. Specifically indoor cycling, although the proxy can be used for many.

Take the above quote. I forced a turnover and took it away from ESPN this morning. And while they really don't need my help promoting their work, the juicy imagery (and absolute metaphoric pleasure) of this phrase actually made me laugh. Something I don't do nearly often enough these days.

Especially when the phraseology is addressing my college football team of choice, the Washington Huskies. More particularly, their offense.

Friday night in Boise against the 23rd ranked team in the nation. They almost pulled off a major upset - without a run game and using a true freshman QB.

Still, they were the proverbial motor running on but one of its available eleven cylinders.

Which takes us (at the half) to the relationship with indoor training.

What is the takeaway here? Other than that I like college football about as much as I like indoor cycle training.

My post game analysis indicates there are several cogent comparisons to consider. Such as:

Being prepared.
THIS is why we practice folks. To be ready to play, ready to race, prepped to perform.

Being fearless. Does anyone want the forum floor  to debate what type of warrior is most successful, a timid frightened kitten or a fearless roaring lion?

Making corrections as tactics. The strategy is to win the game. The tactics are how. Training 16-0 at the start of the third quarter, the Huskies could have easily tucked their tails between their collective legs and limped home. They chose (or were inspired) to compete, and they began to play with a purpose, with gumption, with a joy for the game and with focus.

Finding the flow. It took a single play to reverse the negativity and bitter taste of humiliation, then turn the sinking ship to a sleek, efficient sailing machine. I speak of the D here. To find that flow is what we all seek, on the field, in the studio, classroom or on the track.  Flow like a waterfall. Run downhill. Make a splash.

Building momentum. Once the flow has been discovered, sustain it. It will use energy from myriad sources to fuel the charge. Let 'er rip!

Never give up. We talk about this one all the time around here for good reason. It may be the single most important cliche of all time. The Babe Ruth of cliches. Because it is true. You want to win? Or, as we have discussed the last few days, improve, learn and grow? Memorize the acronym NGU. Bambino.

Live to fight another day. It is a long season. We saw several important flashes of brilliance. It is a work in progress. Same with you. Commit to the process of change. Change for the better. One step at a time. Four yards and a cloud of dust. Move towards your goal and keep going.

Or risk being compared to pond scum.

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