Sunday, September 13, 2015

Day 9.166 Boom

You want my day?

0400 Wake up call from campsite
0500 Drive 52 miles to Johnson's Ridge, stopping 3 times for time-lapse video
1030 Return to Toule HS (Home of the Fighting Ducks)
1035 Assemble bike, change front tube, fill water bottle
1044 Ride 52 miles to Johnson's
1544 Return to car wishing I had packed more food & water for the ride
1600 Begin drive home
1729 I just walked in the door

I have neither the time nor energy to begin the downlaod, clean the car or fix diner. I am going to enjoy an IPA, watch one episode to debrief (Friday night Air Force One was just shot down by a jacked Stealth bomber and that scumbag Charles Logan is the POTUS), and go to bed.
My hip is on fire but my heart is warm. I think we nabbed some good stuff. If you haven't been - please seriously consider.

I am especially happy that the mountain goat I filmed trying to four-wheel repel his way off a sheer cliff face made it to the top OK.

Sleep well.

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