Friday, September 4, 2015

Day 9.157 Now for Instance

There are so many ways, so many paths, unlimited options.

All we need to do is pick one. Or several. The load is up to you.

But we need to have a goal. There must be motivation and dedication to a dream. You have to move in the direction of your highest definition of self.

It can be intellectual, physical or spiritual. You can spend your life chasing wisdom, pumping iron or seeking enlightenment, or maybe find something that contains all three.

I will make the case today that a synergy of this sacred triad is available to us all today. Here. And of course, right now.

Take an activity, any activity. For the sake of this exercise I will select indoor cycling.

1) Know thy goal.
2) Commit to that goal.
3) Begin the quest.
4) Understand the parameters, potential and protocols. This is the intellect.
5) Move with grace and awareness in the present moment.
6) Be aware of sensations, changes, challenges, demands, your response.
7) Find the flow. This is the physical.
8) Combine your commitment with the reality of the process. Adaptation takes time.
9) Listen to your body and silence your mind.
10) Hear your spirit ask for permission to join the passion play.

I have made this guarantee in the past and I will no doubt make it again in the future, but for RIGHT NOW…

Allow me to suggest that if you are successful with your blending of mind and body, the natural sum of those parts is enlightenment, the total involvement of soul with the corporal and the cerebral. You become aware of your power, your place on the path and your mission. This is where the guaranteed fun begins.

Eventually we will see that once this lofty level of understanding is reached, it is about teaching others, walking with them down their path, assisting, leading, mentoring, demonstrating, encouraging. Perhaps providing structure or discipline, sometimes with a pat on the back, other times with a kick to the rear.

We are all on this course together. I may ride my bike faster than you but at the finish line we all earn the same result. THERE IS NO REASON TO GET THERE FASTER.

I think it is our duty to make that course as accessible and joyful as we can.

For everyone.

One way is to practice. Another is to share. A third is to love.

We can practice sharing love at anytime.

Now for instance.

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