Friday, September 11, 2015

Day 9.164 A New Project

As a direct result of yesterday's post…..


All it took was a little serendipity, some head scratching (while on the trainer) and a comment from one of our, shall I say, more loyal, members of the vast RCVman blogging audience.

Thank you Justin.

Justin suggested that I do what I have long been considering to do. All it took was that seemingly small bit of encouragement. Small my ass, freaking huge. And that, as they say, is all it took. To go from chalkboard, alright whiteboard, to virtual reality.

Yes, it is more of the same…..only different.

How different is (see yesterdays post) up to me. Maybe just better is enough, or newer, or, or...

Another member of the VBA owes me some dough. Guess what he does? If you answered media and web site design, you are getting warm.

That is two of the big creative three. We now have the model, the mission and the money (some anyway), enough to get started. Lord knows I have the content.

As I sat this afternoon on the WSF Tacoma heading home from my check-up at UW Med, I sat and furiously scribbled notes on the scratch pad the receptionist gave me (after a long sales pitch).

I will always remember Steve Rudman telling the story of how the National Sports Review was conceived. Old yarn: On a cocktail napkin in a sports bar - frequented by, but not limited to, columnists, beat writers and assorted members of the local print and broadcast media. Once fully developed it was my job to sell it. Editors note: In 1988 the NSR carried a hefty, for the time, $4.99 cover price. As you can see, the copy on eBay is significantly higher at $19.95. It has aged well.

Looks like we might have come full circle here. With cocktail napkin firmly in hand, an idea comparatively clear and do-able, plus the luxury of a small start-up budget, all that is left is to build and start selling. Are you listening WP Kinsella?

I am excited about all this. It could be fun. It could be a winner.

Either way, it will get all the focus, attention, gumption and enthusiasm I can pour into it.

You will be the first to know. Stay tuned.

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