Monday, September 14, 2015

Day 9.167 Wish Us Luck

I am rendering video from the Mt St Helens shoot. It looks OK. A little washed out because of the capture time of day, 4p-6p, but decent. I found out yesterday that this is fairly common around the devastated area surrounding the volcano. Mornings are spectacular but as the day progresses a thin cloud layer covers the vividly stark panorama with a translucent veil that acts like a UV filter on a camera.

A touch of saturation boost should get the blues bluer and the greens greener. There are precious few reds.

As much as I liked the somewhat barren terrain, the shoot was fun and productive, but paled in comparison to riding the course (route) after the video work was canned. Despite my late start, 1044 to be precise, traffic was light (I wonder if the hunters in full cammy think we - in full Lycra - look as comical as we think they do), the plentiful shoulders and the 52 miles up and 52 back, were never boring, always relentless. Toss in a semi-severe side wind for most of the return, my gross underestimate of fuel and water, and a rapidly approaching cover of ominously dark clouds, it made a challenging return. I was surprised at my second-wind ability racing the clouds, into the wind.

We are meeting in an hour to discuss terms and site design. I have the support of CompuTrainer on this endeavor, which helps a lot. As of right now the RCV software is proprietary and the brand way under promoted. Two things I hope to change in short order. Opportunity is rapping at my chamber door.

Two sessions today and I start a five week house sit as OZ and Co head to Italy and France to get in some end of season International miles, or kilometers as the locals count them.

Looks like I am going to miss the UCI Worlds in Richmond and Ironman Hawaii.

In their place we will set this new puppy in motion and she how she rolls.

Wish us luck.

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