Saturday, September 5, 2015

Day 9.158 Pride in Defeat

Can there be pride in defeat?

Can a team, an army, an individual actually receive more value from losing than from its vaulted counterpart?

Our experiences suggest that they can. With a caveat.

The caveat being, naturally, that the effort in defeat must be 100%. That the army (of one) is required to give its best, most focused and spirited display of courage and will. You must be willing to fight to the finish.

IF YOU CAN DO THAT - as only a few good men can - THE OUTCOME IS TRIVIAL.

Can you bring maximal effort into competition?
Can you train with discipline and dedication?
Can you totally commit to the 'fight'.
Are you willing to sacrifice?
Will you do whatever it takes?

If you, your team captain, general, admiral, coach or teammate can find the ways and means to accomplish, or empower you to do all of the above, if you can, with brutal honesty, answer in the affirmative to EVERY ONE of those critical questions….

Then you have already won. Further, should you end up with the lesser points, fewer runs or second best time, you can walk away (or be carried away) with a sense of accomplishment and pride that far outweighs a simple victory.

If you take the lessons from that contest, war, game, match or scrimmage, and use them to better yourself and your team (or in the case of war, for the betterment of the oppressed) that is the very definition of winning.

Think of that process and how it plays out. Countless stories, telling tales of the heroic and brave, from Davy Crockett to Rudy, contain this element of the dramatic.

It is the struggle that counts! The effort and determination to rise above. It is the epitome of courage and valor. It is Rocky running at dawn, Louis Zamperini winning gold and a hockey team believing in miracles. Sometimes Goliath goes down at the weak hand of the nothing-to-lose hungry, poor and impoverished

The saga resonates deeply in our soul, vibrates with the glow of the sacred myth.

Everybody loves the tale of the underdog who somehow manages to steal victory from the arrogant overlord.

Do the work and be that someone. Take great pride in your defeats.

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