Thursday, September 24, 2015

Day 9.177 V for Victory

Welcome to fall.

I can't think of  better time, or a better place, to embark on a new trip. Call it the North Fork.

I really want to dial up my biking strength, my running endurance and my swim.

And then there is the flexibility issue and weight training.

If that sounds like triathlon all over again, you are correct.

A very talented friend sent a link yesterday about he cancellation of Ironman Tahoe. You will recall that we did some pre-event video of the bike course and I have always thought it to be a terrific, but fragile, location. I also filmed one of the X-Terra events there in 2010. Truly it is a stunning location and an absolute paradise for athletes.

Now it is too late.

Usually around this time of year I am making preparations for the big dance in Kona. CompuTrainer is no longer a sponsor and hence I am forced to either ante up out of pocket or stay home. I am staying home.

The new and adjusted plan is to prepare for an Ironman in 2017, the year I age up. Better odds being the youngest in the group, especially this one where the field drops significantly and some have to bust their tails just to make the cutoffs. I never thought it would come to this, but it has. I am now one of them.

One of us, I should say.

I have been off running for three weeks now because of an inflamed hip flexor. I thought I was ready for a return until last night when I felt another tweak as we hammered sets of 350 watts. It has been sore all day. Here is what I know:

I am not worried about the 112 on the bike.
I can get back to swim shape with a suitable time commitment.
The run now has me concerned.

So welcome fall. Time to get to work. Time to make every minute count. Time to head indoors and commit.

Here is another thing I have learned: Race day 2017 will be here faster than expected.

Here is a V for Victory.

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