Thursday, September 17, 2015

Day 9.170 Happy Birthday to Us

Birth of a Brand.

You saw it here first!

We have officially taken the creative and monetary steps towards the goal. I will use the allegory of putting the target in the cross-hairs. And while this is far from a high powered sniper rifle, we nevertheless plan on using all available automatic arms loaded with armor piercing large caliber rounds.

This new baby, born on September 17, 2015, will feature the usual array of health, fitness, cycling, testing, training, riding and racing video, data and information that seems to have unlimited growth potential. It appears that there are new sites popping up on a daily basis. Some of them are very good. Some of them specialize in software, others in graphics and a few even claim to do everything.

We stop screechingly short of claiming to do everything. We don't. We want to do a few specific things very well. We want to do one or two, the best.

Any hence the genealogy of the brand, Best Indoor Cycling. My intrepid developer suggested using 'best' in the moniker for SEO reasons, I took it a step further by adding the acronym.


If you haven't solved the mystery yet let me exercise my woefully inadequate skills at using the broad strokes to paint the picture.

Leveraging my seventeen years of archived media, including the CompuTrainer Real Course Videos, we create stand-alone workout videos to accompany your indoor cycle training. That is as succinct as I can get.

Other elements, components and ancillary features will include:

Guest coach interviews
Packaged training plans
Trips and tours
Live sessions

All delivered by download, DVD or on branded USB thumb drives.

Entertainment. Information. Structure.

Best Indoor Cycling.

Happy Birthday to us!

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