Thursday, September 3, 2015

Day 9.156 All for Today

I was planning on heading back to Virginia for the World Cycling Championships in a couple of weeks. Got a decent quote on air by cashing in a credit from a cancelled flight, a cheap rental car and a $35/night Airbnb room in downtown Richmond.

I decided not to go. I am house/dog sitting at the same time and don't feel like asking someone to do that work for me. Just wouldn't be right.

So then I looked at Yellowstone. Costs the same to fly to Bozeman as it does to Richmond. Plus moving the window forward means that I would have to lean on my tireless cache of spin-substitutes, something I only do when absolutely necessary.

All of that means that my filming for the season is probably over. Unless a sponsor comes forward and likes the idea of having their logo watermarked in every frame of the 60 per second. 2015:

North Cascades Highway
Hurricane Ridge
Santa Fe Century (in production)
Skyline Dr., VA
Crater Lake

Four pretty fair rides. If we could get them - them meaning Real Course Videos - to market a touch faster I could reinvest the royalties back into more work. But my colleagues in the home office have been slow. Painfully so.

The possibility remains intact for an October Moab trip. We shall see. Virginia, Montana, Wyoming and Utah notwithstanding, I googled around yesterday to see what a spring trip to the Dolomites might ding me.


$1,300 just for air. Add a week of hosteling, a couple plates of rigatoni, a bottle or two of local wine, a Fiat 500 and petrol, and we are over two large.

Double yikes. Mama Mia yikes.

That is the latest on the RCV front. Wish I had better news.

Elsewhere Jack cried at the end of Season Three. When he did I did too. Season Three is a masterpiece. It is my favorite. We start Season Four tonight after our SOLD OUT PB session. Even Jack would smile about that!

The Huskies open the 15-16 CF campaign tomorrow night in Boise against BSU. They are a good team, we are young, inexperienced and may even start a true freshman as OB for the first time in UW history. Vegas has us as 10-12 point road dawgs. We have them right where we want them. Coach Pete returns to the program he built into national prominence and leads a rabid Husky pack of snarling pups to a signature 29-21 win. You woofed it here first!

My left hip flexor is on fire.

It feels like fall. My nose froze this morning riding the Honda to spin class.

I was overwhelmed by the FB Happy Birthday wishes. Thank you all sincerely.

I am sleeping better.

We, Junior and I, did 47 consecutive push-ups yesterday. We are meeting for a workout every afternoon after school at 4:30 for some PT.

All for today.

Buona notte amici.

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