Monday, September 28, 2015

Day 9.181 Let's Dance

Today is the start of another week.

As is our way, we hit the ground running with an 0530 jump-start.

I really like this. Being a 'morning person' with over 20 years of practice in the pre-dawn spin ritual, it seems as if this is the way it is supposed to be. You might say, as we drew it up in the huddle.

I use the football metaphor again in spite of my local collegiate squad losing on Saturday in a spectacularly inept fashion. They were woeful, ineffective and embarrassed on their home turf.

They did not, however, give up. They played hard and actually had one last chance  to pull a magic rabbit out of their helmet on the final possession. That they failed is not my point.

My point is the effort. The wisdom in an acute understanding that this is all part of the larger game, the hula dance we call life. Win, lose, draw or power outage, we play hard, play with emotion and seek continual growth on three levels, the physical, the mental and the spiritual. We learned loads on Saturday!

You place on the physical fitness timeline is the game, the dance, where you find yourself, the hole you have dug or the mountain you stand atop, right now. It might be fist and goal or it might be one of those days where you feel as if the stuffing is getting pulled from your very core. Still you have a choice.

You know the one.

Keep on keeping on or quit and go home.

That is the hula hula.

That is the game.

That is why we jump start it at 0530 every Monday.

Let's dance.

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