Saturday, September 26, 2015

Day 9.179 Quality of Their Now

Back to 'Business as Usual' today. An early 90 minute spin headlining the morning.

I felt compelled to share my experiences with the group by including a few of the many moments of potential growth surrounding yesterday's events.

Taking the safety off of the RCVman automatic blogging weapon, I will present them in bullet point, non-lethal, form:

    ◦    Life is short.
    ◦    The better our shape/condition going in -
    ◦    -the better our chances of walking out.
    ◦    We need to manage our addictions better.
    ◦    We need to find joy and comfort in physical activity.
    ◦    So we don't seek it elsewhere (Oreos & Cream Pies)
    ◦    Trade your time for love not for money.
    ◦    Be present and strong for the weak, young or alienated.
    ◦    Be grateful.
    ◦    Don't give in and never quit.
    ◦    Explore stress management options.
    ◦    Appreciate the now-ness of here.
    ◦    And the here-ness of now.
    ◦    There is work to be done. Let us do what must be done.
    ◦    Ride without fear as if this might be your last.

It was an emotional session. A roller-coaster unlike our usual high intensity intervals. There were moments when my voice broke and I had to collect what composure remained in order to carry on.

But we made it.

We made it through the 90, and God willing we will make it through the rest of the day. There is no guarantee. Making this the most important decision in our personal eternities. The choice.

I like to call it the quality of the now. Our ability to dial the intensity past maximum and thrive in the light and glory of our wherever and whatever. Where ever you are and whatever you do.

Do it like there is no tomorrow.

For one day there won't.

OK, alright, I am on a 2 for 3 game roll and as I receive huge amounts of personal satisfaction from the spectacle of college football (that means the Huskies) here is today's pick as we begin conference play:

Today we put it together (a universal trend perhaps?) Coach Pete takes the gloves off the much beleaguered offense, and gives the keys to Jake. The young Dawgs rally around their freshman field general and, how can I put this tactfully? Kick the living shit out of the California Bears. The O puts up 34 and the D adds 7 of their own while throttling the vaulted Bear Raid offense, limiting them to a couple of scores and three field goals.

When the astro-turf dust settles and the sun rises tomorrow morning (even though that is not guaranteed either - but highly likely) the UW will sit atop the North Division of the Pacific 12.

As a result of the quality of their now.


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