Friday, September 18, 2015

Day 9.171 PayPal was right

I just got a notice from PayPal, it read, in part;

You have 99 problems, your PayPal balance ain't one of them.

A very clever way to say that your account needs attention, but stay focused and don't sweat the small stuff.

And I appreciate that. More because I need all the focus I can muster and it IS small stuff. Like a bloody nose on a hot day - you are still going to climb that hill!

I rented the bravo side of a duplex today. Signed a year lease. The landlord looked at me funny when I said to please cancel the garbage collection. I would do the same with sewage but…. I recycle almost everything and what I don't gets hauled to a dumpster to which I have access. I have no idea what my electric bill will be but there seems to be a wi-fi hotspot somewhere so we'll see how long I can operate under those terms and conditions.

Paying rent is almost as bad as signing up for a race. Escape from Alcatraz is now $750. When was the last time you committed to an Ironman? If you aren't one of Bezos or Gate's minions, it will hurt.

Now it seems there are four disciplines, swimming, biking, running and paying for the privilege of participation. A Catch-22 paradoxical irony if ever there was.

But all this is temporary, right? I stealthily introduced the new brand today, adding some textual overlay to the Mt St Helens video. I gives me a spinal tap charge of adrenaline to know that the fledgling project has meaning - on both sides of the coin.

Heads is value to the consumer, client, user.
Tails is its importance to me.

I will tip you to a secret.

If earns enough net-net to provide me with travel expenses to continue to shoot, I will be a happy guy -  and stop complaining about the cost of living, inflation, or the other 99 things I have to worry about today.

PayPal is right.

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