Sunday, September 20, 2015

Day 9.173 Bet on it

I said yesterday that I was a failure at money.

As a result of that confession, I have done a lot of thinking about it over the course of the last 24 hours. Which, incidentally, included a 31-17 Husky victory over the visiting Aggies from Logan, UT, aka Utah State. You will recall that I ended yesterday's lament with my prognostication of a 31-13 final score.

Maxwell Smart might have said, 'Missed it by THAT much'. Had I have had the courage of my convictions and put some cash on it, the Dawgs would have rewarded my loyalty handsomely. Sadly, the last time I bet on a football game was the 1980 Super Bowl (XIV) where the Steelers beat the Rams. One inch cost me $500 and I disenchantally vowed to earn it the old fashioned way from that point forward.

A vow I have kept for all these years. That is the good news. The bad is that the old fashioned way, today, just don't cut it. Everybody but that 1% group knows it and they don't care. We are commodities, market share, data. Let me ask you this: Would you like to make a go of it earning minimum wage?

You would not. I doesn't add up to anything but hardship, headaches and handouts. All Conservatives know this, and THEY don't care either.

I actually have some friends that are thinking that Trump is the guy. Because he is good at infrastructure and setting machines in motion. They say that we need bridges rebuilt, roads paved and walls erected around the perimeters. Jeb thanks his brother for keeping us safe despite the largest act of terrorism ever inflicted to Americans on their own soil. Are these 'candidates' visiting recreational marijuana stores a bit too often?

With my last two cents on the line, I would appeal that what we really need is to rebuild our morals, our integrity our humanity, our respect for women, minorities and the poor, and stop pandering to big business. Eat the 1% is what I say.

For these few reasons alone, there are a boatload of others, but this is not the place and I am not the guy, I take great pride in this blog's endorsement of that graying socialist hippie from Vermont who incredulously thinks that people are more important than profits.

Here is the score I'd like to see: People 80, Profits 3.

I'd even bet on it.

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