Thursday, September 10, 2015

Day 9.163 Whaddya Got?

I should thank the collective all of you (ya'll) for allowing me the non-distraction of dealing with offers of employment, affordable housing, dinners on the lake and quiet, contemplative walks on the beach at sunset.

Really, I just don't have the time. I am busy.

Busy trying to figure out how the hell I am gonna get out of this mess.

The mess I have created by choice.

The two schools of thought being,

1) It is all my fault.
2) Some of it is my fault.

Regardless of the paradoxical metaphysics surrounding the karmatic reality of my situation, I have a another card to play, choice, options. You might say I have an ace up my sleeve but that intones cheating and we do not cheat round here!

It is up to me. I can fold the cards, pass, take two or try to draw to an inside straight.

I would like to stay in the game a while longer, meaning that I need to up the ante, raise the stakes, maybe bluff. Pull off a 007.

I am going to say this again, because please remember (should you have glossed over it the several times I have fessed-up to the concept in past posts) that this entire blog is nothing more than me journaling my thoughts. Thoughts becoming actions and actions becoming results. Therefore I write to validate the process of my thinking and actions. Profoundly courageous, IMHO, because I MIGHT BE WRONG, or, worse, I might be boring. OK, OK, the latter is probably closer to the truth than the former, hence the courage reference in keeping on with the good fight. Matter of factly, I could be both. Wrong AND boring. But not this time. I got one thing right.This:


And no one else. Especially you.

There is no need to think you have any responsibility whatsoever to pull a chair at this felt table and push red chips towards the pot. This is not your big top and these are not your chimpanzees. I am the banana, coo-co-ca-choo.

However (you knew there was going to be a however) this game is tons more fun when played with others. I need a game. A mission. An assignment. A chance at the win. And something with meaning. It would be great fun and a noble experiment to dial the epic meter to eleven with a group of adventurous and intrepid gamers. So then...

...Whaddya got?

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Justin said...

The best 50 bike climbs in the northwest, maybe just Washington.
Video, write-ups, maps, and the closest places to get a good beer after.
Yeah its been done, but not RCVman style:)