Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Day 7.182 Decent Pix

Figuring it to be as advertised, I set my chronometer as documentation.

What a cute little post, I thought, to say that I changed phones, numbers and carriers in less than xxx minutes and xx seconds.

I should have known better.

Going from an iPhone to a Galaxy Android is bad enough, but that was easy compared to the failed process of trying to rid one's self of an AT&T contract.

OMG, WTF and SOD (Shit oh Dear) mashed thoroughly together.

Perhaps the slimiest bit of chancery ever to fly the capitalistic flag. There is no way to do it, and that is the way they like it.

I was on three times with the new carrier (something called Total Wireless - sold only at Wal-Mart) three each with phone reps and live chat support. Fortunately I got to pick my own hold music.

Nobody could figure it out. Finally in desperation I asked (patiently and innocently) if it might be easier (and quicker) to simply get a new number instead of trying to extrapolate the number that I have been paying AT&T $60 a month for for almost ten years.


OK, what do I need to do.

Go here, download this, open an account, set up, add minutes, call this number and you'll be good-to-go.

Are you sure?


So I go there, download that, open an account, get set up, add minutes, call their activation number and wait for confirmation.

I am still waiting,

Running clock is now at 13 hours, eleven minutes and five seconds.

They tell me that my new number will be 206.379.3608.

I have no idea when I will be able to answer.

So please keep trying.

At least it takes decent pictures. (Say OZ and KG after tonight's session in the PB with low lighting)

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