Friday, July 3, 2015

Day 7.184 Smokin' Hot

It is smoking hot.

Tomorrow is the Fourth of July.

Our dog is in constant pain from arthritis.

There are six fireworks stands just over the bridge. When I rode past this morning, their parking lots were all full.

I need to get out here.

Since my weekly Saturday 90 indoor indoor cycling session has been cancelled to allow greater participation for the club in the local parade, it is a perfect opportunity.

I am running, with my nephew, in the 36th annual BI Fun Run, a 5K, at 0915.

At noon we (maybe only me) will mount bikes to the truck, load camping gear and drive the 80 miles to Port Angeles.

We will park in the secure airport lot ($11/24hrs), un-load the bikes and gear, fill water bottles, lock truck and ride the 75 miles to the Lost Resort at Lake Ozette.

Where we (probably only I) will camp. Shown in the photo is my super-light, survival, one night, one season, summer kit. It weights less than six pounds.

Included is:
6x8 light duty tarp ($2.97)
two aluminum tent stakes (.97/ea)
light gauge nylon rope (.59)
inflatable pillow/blanket kit ($10 at Wal-Mart)
insect head mesh bag ($1.99)
two insect repellant bracelets (.59/ea)
tech shorts, T and flip-flops
I also carry bike tools, knife, lighter, flashlight and cell phone in, or on my bike.

At the hiker/biker campsite ($9.00) I fix the tarp to the picnic table and angle it to the stakes. Bag goes under tarp, mesh over head, bracelets on each wrist.

I know where to closest store to the camp-site is, so bringing in dinner and hydration beverages is easy. The camp store also serves breakfast and coffee for the morning.

It is 75 miles each way with about 3K of gain. Weather calls for 80-85.

Smokin' hot.

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