Monday, July 13, 2015

Day 7.194 Another Ton of Bricks

I have never been hit by a ton of bricks.

Although confident it would hurt some, I cannot empirically say that I know the suffering this meeting of brick and bone would bring.

I have never been hit by a bolt of lightning.

I imagine that would sting some too.

When the light bulbs shine on an AHA moment -  if the bricks don't getcha - the lightening will.

This happened to me last night.

It is the last episodes of Season Nine, 24, Live Another Day. It took me every one of the 24 hours after the dramatic conclusion of Season Eight, to recover from its spectacular, tear-jerking ending. If you are a 24 fan,  Chloe's command to "Shut it down," will always inspire.

Everything after that is gravy.

Except these quasi-cosmic stingers keep popping up, screaming for my attention.

You all know I spent most of the 90's on a (at the time) secret military facility in the middle of the Indian Ocean. It is a jointly operated Navy Support Facility, Brits and US, thrust into the strategic spotlight immediately following 9-11. I know, I was there.

You probably don't know that in 1971 I had the good fortune to witness a stage play at the Little Fox Theatre in San Francisco. The play, by one of my heroes (literary and otherwise) Kern Kesey, was Cuckoo's Nest. The lead role of Randall Patrick McMurphy was expertly played by William Devane. RPM also happens to be one of my heroes, Devane is cast as President Heller in 24.

So imagine my delightful hallucination  (the bricks) when, in a most dramatic scene, my present favorite persona, Jack Bauer, is walking down a gilded hall in London with William Devane (RPM) and they are talking about extending the contract of the joint operation on Diego Garcia.

Lightning. Lights on. Another load of bricks. WHAMMMO.

Jack has evolved from McMurphy, morphed from Kesey, molded by Chief Broom. He has taken the best of their traits and morals and added a cause. RPM, by his own admission was incarcerated  for too much fuckin' and fightin'. Jack, on the other hand, is heading back to a Russian prison because of his integrity, devotion to duty and commitment to a cause. Where McMurphy simply wanted his own freedom back, Bauer wants freedom (and justice and accountability) for everyone.

A notion I feel Kesey would find greatness in.

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