Thursday, July 2, 2015

Day 7.183 Important, actually

As we officially move to the second half of the year, this just in:

There is a distinct possibility (better than 50/50) that I may soon be back among the rank and file.

The rank being PFC in the file labeled The Work Force.

I had a backdoor employment offer yesterday. It wasn't a formal interview, or even a response to a Craig's List ad, more like abbreviated conversation.

It happened in the locker room after the evening spin session.

We were talkin' about he new boat house for the local rowers.

Come to find out (from the abbreviated conversation) that construction is about to begin.

"So if you know of any High School kids that are looking for a summer job…"

Pause. I tighten the towel around waist and sheepishly, slowly and with as much humility as I can portray, raise my hand.

He looks at me askance.

Well, I worked the Columbia river dam circuit for ten years and then local construction before heading to greener artistic pastures in 1985 or thereabouts.


Yup. I can tell a nail gun from a double-barrel over and under from twenty feet.

And, if you hire my ass I will throw in, at absolutely no additional charge, a time lapse video of the entire project.  A chance you have but one opportunity with.

Yeah, well, OK. Sounds good.

Yeah. Cool.

OK, I'll see you later.

OK, thanks.

For several reasons this abbreviated conversation represents good news.

1) I would love to be involved with the project.
2) I love time lapse video.
3) It is local, a ten minute commute.
4) It would not impact my existing work schedule.
5) It offers a weekly paycheck.

Number 5 is especially enticing.

Important, actually.

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