Friday, July 31, 2015

Day 7.212 Progress is a Process

It has been said that progress is a process.

I wholeheartedly agree.

I offer two recent examples:

E1) Me. That recent article suggesting that repeated, long and steady, or high intensity workouts are bad for your heart has received much media play. Happily, much like the lions vs dentists debacle, there are two sides. But wait a minute, you know my stance here, I am a bona-fide vegetarian (I have returned to eating tuna of late, but that will probably end soon) and I choose a vegetable based diet for many reasons, foremost among them that I do not want to add to the pain and suffering of sentient beings by feeding them with growth hormones, raising them in cages lined with their own feces and killing them brutally simply to satisfy the modem bourgeoisie appetite. I'll eat spinach, thank you. But this one really hurts. So much so that I thought it appropriate to announce my services as a proxy for justice.  For the same amount that our dentist friend paid for his African hunt, I will visit his practice (under the guise of needing a root canal) and GO JACK BAUER ON THE SISTERFUCKER. Seriously, wire me 55 large and this piece of shit will never kill another animal, unless medical technology comes up with a hunt-by-braille scope. He will also be rendered unable to pass his demon seed forward. I don't want to kill the bastard but gouging his eyes out with a dental drill and castrating the moron with my surgically sharpened Swiss Army Knife, is something that would make me feel much better. I know Jack would agree.

E2) I am regaining my mojo. This was a good week. True, sleep is the last remaining post-pacer challenge, but I'll make the trade any day of the week, speed for sleep.

As a E2.2 footnote Junior is seeing the progress and process ratio play out as well. We just ran a PR 2 miler of 15:12, almost two minutes off prior best.

Sorry for the gritty departure in example one.

But I think you get the idea.

Don't kill lions and keep on keeping on.

This is a process.

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