Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Day 7.195 Packing. Parking & Pancakes

We are packing.

Off to DC tomorrow night after my evening HoM session.

Me and Junior.

We have scheduled tours of the Capitol and Library of Congress. We will visit the Smithsonian. We have tickets for Sunday's game between the Nationals and Dodgers (it is Star Wars night and kids get to run the bases after the contest). On Monday we are driving down to Front Royal, VA to shoot Skyline Dr., a ride reputed to be of world-class quality. We return late Tuesday night, I will get two hours sleep before my 0530 HoM class on Wednesday.

Oh, well.

It will be worth it.

I am a DC fan. Over the course of seven, maybe eight, trips, I find the vitality and energy of the District to be unique. It is as cosmo as it gets, a literal plethora of International delights await. 

We always get a kick of our favorite greasy spoon breakfast joint (three crepe-thin cakes and scrambled eggs for me) being next to the Bolivian Army Recruitment Center.

"What do you want to do after breakfast?"

"I dunno, join the Bolivian Army I guess."

Of course there is a down side. DC traffic makes LA's look anemic. With what few parking spots there are available, the automated machines are decipherable by no one short of a mechanical engineer. I have been ticketed more in my trips to DC than all the combined other states or districts. Guess they have a high overhead. DC is expensive.

I might be a wanted man. I am not 100% sure that I ever properly settled-up with the local judiciary. For all I know, compound interest may have me owing them more than I make in a year.

If they want to arrest me for an unpaid parking ticket, so be it.

Otherwise, we are ready to rock. I get to be a tourist and a tour guide simultaneously. We have six days to explore, one to shoot and two travel days.

With lots of public transportation between.

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