Thursday, July 9, 2015

Day 7.190 Adaptation

To adopt a more adept adaptation.

I am attempting to paint a conversational picture in the hope that some form of motivation ensues. After all, isn't the first step identifying the weakness?

We have finished 80 push-ups, in three different parks, connecting the planks by bike. It was a decent effort, especially in light of the three spin sessions I have put in and the stair repeats that Junior flawlessly executed yesterday.

We are in this thing together. Going on three weeks with all of July and August remaining. The idea is to bulk him up some in preparation for 13 year-old baseball next spring. That is the big picture.

He doesn't know it yet but the same strategies and tactics with which we better ourselves for one sport, is transferable to others. Many others. Any others in fact.

One cannot be too fit, too healthy, too strong or too fast. I have yet to hear an athlete complaining about having too much endurance.

"Dang all this explosive power anyway," are words that have been uttered by no-one, ever.

We have been talking about the ways and means to grow into a more capable athlete. We talk about the differences between myself, as example, and that other Lynch. They are unmistakable. So we isolate and practice our weakness in order to improve the whole. The running back that fumbles often is soon a grocery store clerk.

He has a good ethic, I watch closely as we grind out reps, climb hills and time ourselves in the mile. He is starting to get it. Cause and effect, response to challenge, proper form and attitude. Gratitude and humility.

We talk about positive physical change and how we can optimize it. We discuss the process. Rest, protein, hydration.

I ask him how he feels. He says good.

We continue.

If nothing else he will soon learn the value of consistency. We do this everyday.

It is called adaptation, I tell him, this process.

A process we should adopt.

And become adept.

At the adaptation.

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