Monday, July 20, 2015

Day 7.201 I like that

Another in a series of long days.

Such is the life of the very few members of our fraternity.

Out of the close to 6 billion people on the blue dot thee days, there are less than a handful that do what we do.

For good reason.

Several good reasons as a matter of fact.

I did capture my first black bear in video this morning. Mama and two cubs were passing in front of my camera just after the Atlantic turtle, a scurry of chipmunks and a heard of deer.

Five miles in to the 105 I thought this might be the day that makes all this worthwhile. Maybe. Time shall tell.

Skyline Dr in the Shenandoahs is spectacular. I know because at 0400 I awoke from a rather interesting dream (doesn't take much these days) to start the drive to Front Royal, VA where the route begins. Three hours later, with nary a drop of anticipated rain, I was on my way back to DC with raw HD video in the can.

So what if it took me another six hours to return the rental car, take the Metro, find the bus, walk until exhausted and hire a cab, who's counting?

I haven't yet started the download, and as tonight is our last one here, I may not have the time until our return. Sorry.

I need to eat and then I need to sleep.

It has been a long day.

In a series of long days.

And I like that.

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