Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Day 7.189 IFS

Another hard workout this morning.

In a series of hard workouts.

Spanning many mornings.

I like early sessions. Not only for their jump-start value, but also as a way to ensure a double.

I am into doubles.

As in twice a day.

One early, recovery, one late(er).

If I had a gun to my head with the trigger-man demanding truth (or else), I would have to admit that I am trying to make up for lost time.  Maybe lost fitness is closer.

I really miss the good old days with the training intense and the distance daring.

There really is no other way to get in the miles necessary for an Ironman.

You have to go long. You have to go often. And you must recover quickly.

These days the doubles are proxy for IM training.

In my own world, one where I am coach, athlete, masseuse, cook, trainer, sponsor, physical therapist and spiritual advisor, I feel, we all feel, that progress is, despite the challenges and set-backs, being made. 

Largely due to my schedule.

I could easily do a single session per day and be fit and healthy. I might even be happy. pleased, entertained and satisfied.

But I will not win any races nor be able to shave without having to look away from the weak reflected visage resembling someone who will accept excuses as realities.

Let me make this clear.


If I had only…..
If there was…..
If I could……
If it would…..

Had another hard workout this morning.

The ands and buts were there.

But no ifs.

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