Friday, July 24, 2015

Day 7.205 You know what It

As painful as it is - it has to be done.

I just said that.

Completely out of context with our 'usual themes', of course, but relevant under the the 'never-the-less' heading.

The hardest, most terrifying, impossible and paralyzing situations are the ones that contain the greatest potential for growth. You know this.

You have to face the music. You must make the call. That conversation has to happen. We must climb the mountain. And not so much because it is there, more because we are here.

It could be the Alp d'Huez of social situations or the Death Ride of responsibility, or just a plain old nasty and gnarly hill, but we must attack as if our very lives depend upon it.

Because they do.

We are talking about living without regret. We re talking about self worth. We are talking about confidence. We are talking about the dynamics of joy and accomplishment. We are in a dialogue about quality.

None of this is given to us. We earn it. Truth be uncovered, they are the secrets to a happy and rewarding existence. Do what must be done.

Doing the things that require courage, steadfastness and unselfishness is what separates the heroic from the ho-hum, the exhilarating from the pedestrian and the titillating from the terrible.

Normal is (the new) terrible.

Pedestrian is the middle of the road.

Ho-hum is horrible.

We must vigilantly push onward. Go places well off the path of the safety and complacency of our comfort zones.

The relevancy is in scale.

Someone moving off the couch and into the gym is as bold and life changing a move as a jogger hitting mile 26 of their virgin marathon.

Do something epic. Something bold. Something you have always wanted to do - but concocted a convenient excuse for, one that was supposed to be temporary, but has now lasted most of your adult life. Lose the lie. Drop the dupe. Cut the crap.

Of course you can always say that you are too old for this or that, that this is kid stuff or that you're just not into stuff that raises you heart rate too much.

Dear ones, as painful as it may be, indeed as it is...

…It must be done.

And you know the it I refer to.

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