Thursday, July 23, 2015

Day 7.204 Keep Going

Another session, another topic. We keep going.

It is a strange phenomenon associated with indoor cycling (and a myriad of other forms of training) that we deal with boredom (challenge, repetition, adaptation) better with distraction than without.

It is true.

Not all of us have the steely, steady-state, rock solid confidence of an Olympic athlete, which allows an almost zen like focus on the task at hand, be it turning pedals, twisting torsos or creating thrust in the form of explosive power. So we hide from the tediousness and requirement of total effort by turning up the music, mindlessly flipping pages in People magazine or watching Oprah commentate on social media.

It comes down to awareness. Energy flows where attention goes. This moment is the truth. What you do RIGHT NOW is who you are.

If you, if we are present, focused, aware and open, there are rewards here, from this very experience, that make winning the lottery look trivial.

Look, I know it hurts some, that it sometimes takes super human efforts, that it is duller that the watch the paint dry meditation.


Anybody, I repeat, ANYBODY can sit and turn pedals in an oval  while daydreaming of next years vacation as Taylor Swift reminds us of our vulnerabilities or ESPN replays NBA highlights.

It takes another level of commitment altogether to lose the volume, the catchy chorus and the high-definition super slow motion and keep your awareness connected to your body as it completes an altogether uncomfortable assignment.

We must stay connected. The mind must keep the faith and preach to the body choir that the end is near. It will pass. Just keep after it. Don't let go. Hang in there, Stay strong. Finish!

We do this in the most simple of ways. It is also the answer to how we accomplish anything. From music, to literature to creating movies to keeping fit.


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