Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Day 7.196 All Systems are Go

Super spinning session starts systems.

Nothing like a high-intensity spin set to jump start your day. I always say.

Opening tune was Mr Dylan's sublime Positively 4th Street. Here is a take by the JGB, should you have ever wondered what vocal sincerity sounds like.

I asked after Dire Straits's Calling Elvis, if they (Knopfler & Co) had ever covered Bob.

After some fairly deep googling, I found that MK produced Bob's 1979 Christian Folf-Rock LP, Slow Train Coming.

Here is a closer look at the sound. Guess who is picking lead?

So there ya go. Now you know.

I am all but wrapped on packing detail. This laptop always gets in last.

We are ready.

One more spin set this evening, a flyby to pick up Junior (shown above with the drone), park at RG's (also shown above), a ten minute walk to the boat, light rail to Sea-Tac, cheap motel and a 0445 wake up call will get us started.

I took a quick scan of weather and we might have to dodge some thunder storms. Front Royal, VA is showing 92 degrees and 50% chance of rain on Monday (scheduled shoot day). Got humidity?

We will make it work.

All systems are go.

Let the adventure begin.

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