Friday, July 10, 2015

Day 7.191 The Eagle & The Anchor

I don't really know if it is a great motivator or not, but this one always seems to vibrate in perfect pitch.

We have discussed it here before. It is a common theme.

So once again the only thing I have to add is personal experience in anecdotal form.

Maybe I will try to invent something completely original later today.

Till that joyous (and impossible) occasion, today's rehash mash is on mediocrity.

Not to be confused with moderation (you know my thoughts on THAT cancer), in this use, for our purposes today, mediocrity is the perp. Mediocrity is a hostile.  Armed and dangerous, shoot on sight.

It is average, not good, nowhere near great, but not a total failure either. It is the decent fielding second-baseman hitting .250. It is the QB going 10/20 with a TD and a pick. It is the middle of the pack. Half way between champion and he who carries the lantern.

Are you getting the idea? Which do you prefer? For the RCV record, I sincerely applaud the efforts and dedication of those who show up prepared, compete at their best, and finish what they started. I have no issues with this demographic. After all, I am one of them.

What do we do with this?, you might be asking.

We can pick something (preferably whatever you are doing this very moment) and do it the absolute best you can. You can become the best indoor cyclist in the world, today, simply by adding focus, determination, awareness and respect. One can add joy and compassion. We can have fun.

It has nothing to do with where you finish, your time or the number of others ahead or behind.

You can steep out of the mediocre.

We can all do something today that for a brief period of time sets us apart. We can win. We can taste victory. We can excel. We can be Champions. Pick something.

All we need to do is decide. Go or no-go. Fly away free or drop anchor.

Go is a sweet vibe.

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