Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Day 7.203 Rent it Forward

I stand in line waiting to pick up the rental car that I reserved an hour earlier. This completely due to circumstance.

It is so hot and muggy in Washington DC that I need to change my shirt after the 45 minute commute by Metro rail.

It is a cheap off-site second-tier operation offering me a sweetheart of a deal at $44 per day. I only need it for one day, although that day will see 600 miles of automotive abuse.

At last the RAC rep eyes me an invites me to his station. I offer him my driver's license and Amex along with the rehearsed "Decline everything and I'll bring it back full". I know this drill.

He is young, personable and most likely a college student working part time to help with tuition. As they all do, he stares into his computer screen and starts asking the same questions that I just provided on-line to make my reservation. This, of course, drives me crazy. When we get to the part where he asks me for an e-mail address, I let my irritation solo and we (the rest of the band) end the piece with head down, dejected and wanting blood.

I hear him ask for my social security number and as I raise my head to vehemently object I see that he is smiling on the verge of hilarity. He has me. We laugh.

I tell him that he has made my day and that I will pay his humor and mastery of the situation forward with my next car rental.

We now cannot stop laughing. I have been payed the fool once again and this time it is genuinely funny. Tired and frustrated travelers are staring at this pair of laughing loons.

We do a knuckle bump and I say thanks and good luck.

He does the same.

I hop in the blue RAV4 (shown above with backup car-cam) and speed out of the lot sill smiling.

I have no idea where I where I am going. National airport to Foggy Bottom. It can't be THAT tough. I'll get there.

And I don't care when.

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