Friday, August 31, 2012


It appears as if I will need to pull off the rare negative split. As much as I would like to think I can make it another 60 years, odds are, I won't. Meaning that the decline is mandated to immediately go into effect. 50 more? Doubt it. 40? That would be interesting. Realistically, I have 20.92 according to the Social Security Department whose job it is to keep records of this type of thing and whose greatest bureaucratic hope that most of the people die before they can collect. What a scam!!!!! But back to the split. And its criteria.

To negative split one's life, much the same way the we NS a race, means to perform in the second had better than we did the first. And since I have already encountered the ravaging effects of age induced speed loss, there has to be another way to measure. And there is.

Quality. Good 'ol Quality of Life. Difficult to measure, granted, but real non-the-less in a few (semi)objective areas. Key among them:

Meaningful work

I truly feel that if I can find the ways and means to keep putting one foot in front of the other along this long, strange path, everything will be OK. 

As I was driving home this morning, wondering again about some silly financial obligation and its connection to my SPS (Spiritual Position System) I had to laugh as I weighed my current income against the situation known as 'doing what you love'. 

Seems love is expensive these days. Back in 1952, and well into the 60s it was free. Now I gotta pay an inflated rate for it. 

I think the negative split has a lot to do with dealing successfully with this paradox. Not getting crushed under its immense weight. Not giving up, getting overwhelmed or going bitter or ballistic. Seems folks from all over are cracking under the hypocritical oppression of neo-political power, greed and corruption gone mainstream. It is now OK to deceive, manipulate and broker dividends at the expense of the proletariat. 

There are fences to mend. Work left to be done. Gross insensitivities to assuage, atrocities to amend. Love to spread. I will start at home, fix my fence first. I will be the change I would like to see. It starts here. Where it ends I can only hope and pray that it is somehow, someway better. 

A negative split positive. 

With vanilla please.

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