Monday, August 27, 2012

Credit where do

Now that THAT is out of the way. We can move forward. Learning from the mistakes, letting go, taking the lessons, and…..

Getting on with it, doing what must be done.

The THAT in question, was, as you know, and by now probably are sick of hearing about, the 30th and last Ironman Canada. It was yesterday. But before we officially turn the digital page and sprint towards our next target, let's give some credit where due. 

Even though I took a dreaded DNS, I have enough fond memories of this event to last my next three lifetimes. For these I sincerely thank the people of Penticton for their support and hospitality and RD Graham Fraser, compere extraordinaire Steve King and all the staffers who contributed to the three decades of staging this unique event. Sure, it appeasers to be merely undergoing a change of management, but those memories, that experience will always, to me, carry the emotional IMC brand. 

At dawn yesterday I began the on-line tracking of a few folks. For their endurance efforts I applaud Bob who went 13:37, Kerry @ 14:06, Sister Buder who clocked a 16:33 at 81 years of age, and Murray Macpherson, who won our age group with terrific 10:47. My goal was 10:50, the second place finisher yesterday came in at 11:29, so make of that what your will. I have yet to see the Kona roll-down chart to see who or how many Q'd, but I will later and report the 'salt in the wound' data.

I was asked this morning if another IM is in the works for this year (only Arizona and Florida remain). I said I am not sure. I think maybe Couer d' Alene next June might get the nod. Not quite sure as yet. It will get some attention from the planning department. 

There were some other oddities at the top of yesterdays results. Three of the top 10 Men were age groupers, as was the overall female. Kendra Lee of Colorado beat the top Pro Female by two minutes, an amazing story. 

The ink is dry on thirty years of history and the book closes. Placed on the shelf, ready for reference when necessary. In the dusty, dark walnut  library of my mind, this volume rests as a classic. 

Which is not to say that it will be the last. 

Pix: Sunset on Sunset Ave Friday night. The pizza oven with Trixie Saturday night and a few shots of our ride around Blake Island yesterday. A fun weekend, even if it was at home. 

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