Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Following on the NYC trip, here are a few links to some of the contacts made while taking a bite of The Apple:

Bobby Hammond is a thirteen year old triathlon phenom. He is coached by Mikael Hanson of Enhance Sports. Photo (topmost) is of Mike and Bobby, saddled atop the CompuTrainer. Bobby is the youngest triathlete ever to lend celebrity testimony to the indoor cycling ergometer of World Champions, Olympians and serious cyclists everywhere. Speed does not discriminate by age. 

Over at Chelsea Piers, they put on quite a show, including CompuTrainer Multi-Rider classes and coached training. They also produced an exceptional video (film) that deserves a look. Check it out here

I mentioned in class Monday my latest attempt to solve the pain in my right elbow (and wrist and shoulder) issue(s). As we spun out a series of climbing repeats, each with a sprint finish, I told the story of my adventure with Rock Tape. Here is their site, complete with tons of info, history and video. 

Mojo Socks are to sports fashion what Bono is to rock vocals. Yes, U2 can be a star on the rock, or triathlon, circuit simply by using pump compression to assist your recovery. Proven results, in a myriad of colors, all designed to get you to the top. And we know that is a long way if ya wanna rock and roll. 

The Everyday Triathlete boasts what I think is as accurate a report, with data and analysis on why we cramp when we run (fast or long) or bike (hard) as I have come across. Short answer: We are not prepared for the muscular stress levels when over working. There ya go. More training, more hills, more intensity and more volume. Mojo socks will help, too. 

All this of course if you are planning on racing. Some folks prefer sailing. Like Junior, shown above in preparation for his sailing lesson this morning at Eagle Harbor. Even managed to spot some starfish (unlike the Hudson) on my walk out. 

Lastly, because i knew you were going to ask, about what item(s) got left behind to get my suitcase to the required weight limit (50lbs) on the escape from Newark Sunday night. Pic should satisfy as answer. These fleas were just not made for my dogs.

Also pictured is a shot from the trees near Englewood on the PIP. You can guess what I was doing in the trees. No photo necessary. 

Have a great day. Decision on IMC tonight. 

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