Sunday, August 12, 2012

Scramble mode

I am being pressured by housecleaning to get my smelly stuff and self outta my room. Lot's of packing to do, and some tough decisions as to packing weight. I refuse to spend $90 for an overweight baggage charge, when all I have to do is take five pounds out of my check-in bag and carry it aboard in my backpack. This actual scenario happened on the flight out and I asked the US Airways check in attendant if it was really, and could he say it with a straight face, going to cost me (actually the company) almost a C note for four pounds. He said yes and did. Sea-Tac is a tough house, Newark cannot be much better. Badda-bing. So I begin the process. Something has got to go.

A few more shots are over at the FB site, because their photo album loads faster and I am now, officially, in scramble mode. Ciao

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