Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Mayo with that?

Article from the Mayo Clinic on the bennies of exercise. Followed immediately my my pithy and trite comments. 

1) But not as much as a great diet strategy
2) But not as much as an impeccable stress management strategy
3) But not as much as meditation, love or red wine
4) Way more then Red Bull
5) Way more than The Tonight Show
7) Totally

BOTTOM LINE: I understand what the Mayo saying. There is, as with most things, another layer, one more level, that we, we defined as 'those who get it' already consider to be the eleventh commandment. There is detail above and beyond simply listing a few, in this case seven, reasons why exercise, here defined as 30 minutes per day of physical activity, is, well, good for you. 

We know better. 

And manifest this knowledge as the wisdom of the word. Let's take it one step further up the staircase, shall we?

1) Exercise controls weight when used in correct and proper combination with your diet. The guy who walks 30 minutes a day, calls it a workout and wolfs a double cheese pizza for lunch, is controlling his weight while asleep at the wheel. Cruise control for disaster. 

2) I have known people who exercise to exhaustion every day, then drink and smoke to calm nerves from off-the-charts high-stress positions. Fartleks and anti-depressants will not help your heart stay healthy. 

3) Happy chemicals rock!!! I am an admitted endorphin junkie. But there is a balance necessary to stay in the zone. Deep breathing, social interaction and Spanish wine help too.

4) Yes it does. One paradox after another. The more you use the more you make available. The more you spend the more you have. Oh, and please, don't drink that nasty Swiss bull swill. Water, mates, water. 

5) Nothing gets me into REM faster than reading, quiet introspective breath counting (zazen) and a thankful sense of accomplishment. That might be a long ride, a snappy 10K, yoga, doing something I would rather not or a goodnight kiss. 

6) When I need to put the spark back into my sex life it usually means finding a partner. I suppose it helps to be healthy, fit and ready, so OK, thanks Mayo.

7) Duh. This is the epitome of the second level. We believe that exercise is fun. And that means spinning, riding, 2x20s, Hurricane Ridge, recovery 5Ks in the park, time trial racing, triathlon, marathon and everything in-between. 

Except perhaps swimming. I would rather spend time looking for a partner. 

Have a great day. 

Pic: In our travels with Little Miss Mirthy, sometimes we break the exercise/diet adage. Espresso and a blackberry tart after 50 miles is OK, however. 

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