Saturday, August 11, 2012

One for the Money

It's after ten EST, I am toast. A 15 hour day. I walked, toting three cameras, batteries and my trusty mono-pod almost thirty miles. It was fun. My work paled in comparison to the effort put out by the 2,500 participants of the inaugural US Championships Ironman New York. They went 2.4 in the (sweep aided) Hudson, 112 out to the Palisades in Jersey and 26.2 across the GW and back to Manhattan. It was hot, it was humid, there was wind, sun, and slope gradients that may have caught some by surprise.

I am processing video, stills (over 1K) and my thoughts about the course and event. That is for tomorrow.

For tonight is what we call a money shot. Of the three hours of HD video and the 1,000 high-rez stills, ONE looks to be a keeper.

It was near the finish of the bike leg and about mile 18 of the run. Jersey side, under the George Washington bridge. Centered. I caught this Ironman with all that as frame.

One for the money.

Lots more to come tomorrow, but for tonight, I need some sleep. Congrats to all.

If the pic is too big, try a click on it and see if that helps. The WiFi in this joint!!!


SHR said...

Cha-ching! NICE.

KML5 said...

I set up the video cam at this point as well with the idea to do a time-lapse sequence, Will try to upload prior to departure, thanks for your comment, it's small change - but it feels like gold!