Monday, August 13, 2012

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Some interesting data and stats from Saturday's Ironman New York. Contrary to what I would have expected, the DNS rate (22%) was greater than the DNF rate (5.7%). That means that 596 people, for whatever reason (and I can guess) did not start the race and therefore forfeited their $950 entry fee to the race organizers. Works out to a cool $566,200. Oh, and btw, if you are considering entering the 2013 event, the price has gone up. It is now $1,200. Again dong some math, this is $8.53 per mile. Or, factoring the overall average finish time of 12:56, $1.54 per sixty seconds of racing. That my friends is the Ironman definition of a New York minute!

I am working on the video and should have something to show for the effort later tonight or tomorrow, latest. 

And speaking of stats, here are a couple of juicy ones culled from Men's Fitness magazine, my read from Charlotte to Seattle last night:

% of runners who experience an injury each year - 74
Minimum number of seconds a static stretch needs to be held to improve flexibility - 20
Average bike ride in minutes in the US - 40
% of Health Clubs that offer Yoga - 82
% of Americans who cite $$ as their biggest stressor - 75
% of calories in one cup of arugula - 5

Still have time for a run. After watching the men's 4x100 Saturday night, I might even try to finish with a little kick. 

Number of times I have run that fast - 0.


Pic: Sign says "Go Complete Stranger". Number of times I have seen a sign that cool - 0 - Till Saturday in Ft. Lee. 

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