Tuesday, August 21, 2012

44 words to fatigue

"The ability to maintain a high power output during prolonged cycling is limited by the ability of the cyclist to resist fatigue. What precisely causes this fatigue, however, is controversial. Indeed, understanding fatigue during prolonged endurance exercise has been a major research agenda of exercise scientists for at least the last 50 years. However, despite numerous theories and models, no precise explanation exists."

I will go WAY out on a limb and scream a suggestion that the way to resist fatigue is to fatigue more. 

The quoted article, from Harvard no less, is very thorough, bordering on a potent, yet legal, sleep inducer with few side effects. If you have ever wondered where I dig up some (not all) of the crazy workout protocols that are basically designed to test and train your motor to resist fatigue one iota longer, read some of the Harvard paper just before bedtime.

What I would say to a Ironman Canada virgin (as advice) in less than 44 words:  

Start the swim on the port side and tardy
Take the bike easy until the top of Yellow Lake, then hammer back to town
Commit to a negative split on the run
Your race starts at the run turnaround

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